Bristol Restaurant, LLC is offering fundraiser donations for email addresses and phone numbers.

Bristol Restaurant, LLC will donate .50 for every authorized and working email address or phone number submitted to us.


Information about the Fundraiser with contact information must be provided first in order to verify the fundraiser. 

Print the .pdf file or excel file and submit information.

Email contributors must live within a 75 mile radius of Bella's of Bristol or any of our Moon Dog Brick Oven locations. 

Please print email addresses legibly! Any illegible addresses will not be counted. All addresses will be verified and must be authorized and working.

“Opt Out” email replies will not be counted. Our verification email will give the contributor the ability to “opt-out” and refuse acceptance of our emails.   

Duplicate email addresses we already have on file from previous fundraisers will not be counted.

Email addresses must be submitted PRIOR to your event date or donation due date for verification purposes. We reserve the right to take longer than stated time frame below and can take as long as 12 weeks to verify any amount of emails before issuing a check. We will not use the email addresses for marketing during that time.  


1-250 emails / numbers: 2 weeks 

250-450 emails / numbers: 3-4 weeks

450-650 emails / numbers:  4-5 weeks  

650-850 emails / numbers: 5-6 weeks

850 or more emails / numbers: 6-8 weeks

Maximum of 1,000 emails per fundraiser.

Verification time depends on the amount of emails you submit so please start your fundraiser several weeks or months using the guideline above. 

NO checks will be issued under any circumstances until all emails have been verified. You may convert your check to gift card for 2.50 per card.


Please enclose your forms in the envelope provided and take to any Moon Dog Brick Oven or Bella’s of Bristol. The day you drop your form off is the submit date. Please have that date on your forms and envelope. Make sure you have signed & dated page 2 of Official Rules. 


Bristol Restaurant, LLC will not sell, rent, lease or give away your email address to anyone. We will use email addresses to send emails from time to time to let you know about our specials, services, and events. All email recipients have the ability to opt out at any time.